Personal statement

Hi, I am Hitesh from Rajasthan (India).I'm an graduated student in Computer Science and Engineering at National Institute Of Technology Jalandhar in May 2016. I have worked on php for web development and knew mysql , ajax, jquery . I have experience of programming language go , java , c ,c++,python. I have experience of framework Django and meteor. I have worked with openCV for Image Processing and machine learning package of python like scikit-learn , scipy ,numpy ,matplotlib etc.


Education & Certification

BTech in Computer Science & Engineering

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar

Studying all aspect of Computer Science Including Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms,Operating Systems,Database Management Systems, System Programming,Software Engineering,Network Programming,Information Security System, Computer Graphics and Animation,Theory Of Computation


Job Experiences

Intern Software Developer


1.JSON File To Excel
In This we have bigsize JSON file and we have to generate excel file of JSON file have multiple dictionary type data according to key and value. Specify the key included in Excel file .

2.Vendor Problem
In this two and more panels connected to a vendor. Combine all panel code for a vendor in single file with a unique code provided by Delhivery ,problem are vendor code have some variation in each company

3.Extra Slip Generation
We have contributed in godam (logistic system of Delhivery) to generate extra slip at outbound according to client's requirement .Client will provide information whether extra slip should be generated or not .

2015 May-July

Technical skills


55% Complete (success)


85% Complete


60% Complete (warning)


30% Complete (danger)


30% Complete (danger)


70% Complete (success)


30% Complete (danger)


55% Complete (warning)


45% Complete (danger)

I've worked


Image Search Engine


Automated Attendance Management System using Face Recognition

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